- New Adventures -

My newest adventures come from being the Creator and CEO of eKranium and Sphere of Knowledge Enterprises, which invent knowledge through interconnected and interlinked network ventures offering a complete universe of knowledge.

Philosophy behind the genesis of eKranium and its Sphere of Knowledge network

Knowledge is the most important asset for individuals, organizations and our society. Yet, it is least understood, often underappreciated and poorly comprehended.

Founder’s Vision   

Learning never ends, it should never end.

All knowledge is one.  All knowledge is interconnected.  All knowledge is intertwined.

eKranium integrates the wisdom of philosophy, classics and literature to present knowledge in a contemporary fashion so it is easily comprehended and utilized.

It aims to connect arts, sciences and humanities for easy retention and recall through its proprietary methodology in eKubelets.

New ventures include:

  • eKranium: Inventing Knowledge – The force that binds, directs and holds all the entities in unison.
  • eKubelets – Fusion of art, story-telling, knowledge, and technology to create a unique learning experience.
  • eLyceum – Lyceum of Creativity and Innovation: Creating and nurturing innovative thinking.
  • eDialogus – Forum to connect through intelligent dialogue, thought papers and experiments.

For more information, go to eKranium.com.


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, phone or contact form. I respond to all messages personally.

512-718-2663 (BOND)