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Published, but Far from Finished.


Writing is a creative art. The great writers were referred to as “poets”. The ancient classics were written as poems. The prose format is a relatively modern form. To be a writer, and to devote one’s life to it, one must be prepared for a challenge to one’s life, lifestyle and thinking. It is a fascinating adventure. 

Here are some of the key challenges:

  • Changing your mindset from an economic man to a creative thinker.
  •  Becoming an artist.
  • Having a focused and disciplined lifestyle.
  • Establishing a routine for writing pursuits.
  • Focusing on action and not on results.
  • Eliminating wasteful activities.
  • Being positive of one’s abilities.
  • Adopting an attitude of creative risk taking, which is an adventure.
  • Using imagination. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important that knowledge.”
  • Continuing to acquire knowledge.
  • Reading and learning.
  • Listening to your inner voice.
  • Trusting your intuition.
  • Being yourself.
  • Believing in yourself when others may not.
  • Be a writer.

In studying some of the great, classic writers one detects similarities in their habits, methods and environments that fostered their abilities and efforts resulting in the masterworks that we enjoy today.


  • A well-versed knowledge of various subjects
  • Knowledge of philosophy, history, classics
  • Life struggles and turmoil
  • Disdain for authority with no trust in them
  • Some were even persecuted for their writings and their writings banned
  • Not very positive about the society and world around them
  • Not very religious
  • Not positive about the humans
  • Well-traveled abroad with interaction with other cultures
  • Ability to write poetry and essays
  • Self-taught with their unique natural style
  • Ability to integrate many topics and disciplines in their writings
  • Use of metaphor and symbols
  • Strong views and opinions

“It is the people that no one imagines anything of –
Are exactly the people that do what no one can imagine.”
-From The Imitation Game

Partial list of completed works

‒ Books-Fiction ‒
God’s Cocktail Party
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The Saint and the Sinner
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The Coffin Chronicles
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The Gathering of Scoundrels
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The Birth of the Future
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‒ Books-Non-Fiction ‒
The Rise, Decline, and Renewal of Silicon Valley’s High Technology Industry
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Socrates on Wall Street
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The Stroke of Life
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The Journal of a Traveler
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From Papyrus to the iWorld
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‒ Plays ‒
The Final Curtain
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The Trial of God
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‒ TV/Episodic Screenplays ‒
The Power Game
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The Last Dream
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